There are a couple of workarounds, which one works best is for you to decide:
1.Add to your hosts file and point it to your local machine. Some people have reported success with this, but it didn’t work for me.
2.Allow your servers to directly connect to If your environment dictates the use of a proxy server, configure it using proxycfg.
3.Disable the CRL check by modifying the registry for all user accounts that use STSADM and all service accounts used by SharePoint. Find yourself a group policy wizard to help you out or manually modify the registry:
[HKEY_USERS/<userid>/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/WinTrust/Trust Providers/Software Publishing]
4.Download the CRLs and add them to the server manually (I haven’t tested this, but it may work):
Add them:
certutil -addstore CA CodeSignPCA.crl
certutil -addstore CA CodeSignPCA2.crl
We decided to go for Option 3 (disable CRL check) and life is good again….. well as good as it gets when you are doing SharePoint development.

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